Weight Loss Challenge: Get My Eight in Twenty-Eight

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So we have discussed how to get back into a gym routine. Now I want to take the plunge. I want to commit to a timeframe to getting my pre-lockdown body back. I have decided to embark on a weight loss challenge that I invite you to join with me. It’s called “Get My Eight in Twenty Eight”. It is a 28-week challenge to get the body of your dreams. Which I know for me is to enhance an hourglass shape.

I CHALLENGE you to become the dream version of you in 7 months. This may seem like a long time to do a weight loss challenge, with many around the 90-day mark. But we are aiming to get our dream body, to get that hourglass shape and this takes time and commitment. To put this into perspective, my last fitness journey took 1 and a half years to lose 5 stone. So this challenge isn’t long when you look at the transformation we are aiming for. You may not have to lose such a significant amount of weight, or you may have more, you may just be trying to build size but if you want to take control and get the body you dream of, join me on this weight loss challenge.

I will document my progress on the challenge, week by week for the full 28 weeks. The official start date is Monday 24th January 2021. Though don’t worry if you have missed this date, start the day after reading this just make sure you start. So here is a step-by-step process of what to do to start this challenge.

  1. Put the end date in your calender

First things first we need to establish the 28-week programme and when it will end. If you are starting on the official start date this will end on Monday 1st August 2021. If you are starting after this date, count 28 weeks from the day you start (should be tomorrow), and make a note in your calendar of the end date. This will give you direction and focus your mind on how long you actually have to achieve your goal physique.

2. Set your goal

We are aiming for that hourglass shape, that figure eight! But set your goals for the journey, for me this will be my goal weight of 11.5 stone. So I have a tangible target of what I want to achieve in the 28 weeks on the challenge. So start by setting your goal. It doesn’t have to be weight loss if that isn’t your desired outcome, it may be to put on 3kg, or to grow your hips by 3inches and lose 6 inches off your waist. Whatever it is set your intentions and goals for the challenge, and stick to it.

3. Figure out your workout programme

So you have figured out what your goal is, now we have to find our workout programme. Commit to 180-240 minutes of exercise a week. Divide this in a way that fits into your schedule and is realistic and achievable for you. I will be doing 3-4 gym sessions for at least an hour at a time.

Be very specific when figuring out your workout routine. Write a full workout plan. The pre-planning helps to provide structure to the challenge, and this will aid you on the days when you don’t have the motivation. As discussed in our post “Getting Back into A Gym Routine” you want to create as little friction as possible when committing to a challenge like this. You want to make things as easy as you can, and to require as little as possible thought processes during the challenge.

This of course doesn’t mean you can’t refine your workout regime later on in the challenge as you start to discover what does and doesn’t work for you, but setting a workout plan from the onset will serve you beneficial throughout the challenge. Stay posted on the blog, as I will be posting my workout plan with proven techniques from my last fitness journey.

4. Commit to a diet

So we all know the rule gym bodies are made in the kitchen. Body transformations are about 80% diet and only 20% excercise, so this step is fundamental. We are going to follow a diet on this challenge. So commit to some sort of diet. Again one that is realistic and achievable for you. I will be following the keto diet. The keto diet is a really good option if you are trying to lose fat. As when following this diet your body enters a chemical state called ketosis. This is as you are eating a limited amount of carbohydrates, so your body has to burn your own fat for energy. It is therefore an effective diet for fat loss, which is why I have chosen this diet for my time on the challenge. So chose yours and stick to it.

5. Post your weekly progress using the hashtag #getmyeightintwentyeight

So this challenge is about community. It is about being able to lean a network of others who are also embarking on the same journey you are. This is so we can be encouraged by others, and support others who are also doing this challenge. So I encourage you to use the hashtag when posting your progress and updates. I would love to see how all of you are getting on with this.

6. Follow our instagram for weekly updates

Lastly, follow our instagram page to see my daily posts of the challenge. For ideas on recipes, workouts as well as progress pics. I would love to interact with you all on there.

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