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New Years Resolutions: How to Set and Stick to Them in 2022

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It’s nearly here. It’s nearly the end of 2021 and the beginning of an entire new year. A time where many people are out with the old and in with the new. Breaking bad habits and replacing them with new habits and healthy goals. It is the time of new years resolutions. The time to make our list of things we want to achieve in the upcoming year and beyond. It’s all so easy to set goals that aren’t aligned with what we are actually trying to achieve because it sounds good to our peers or making so large even a professional athlete couldn’t stick to them. But is important we make them realistic and attainable, so we set ourselves up to achieve them. So how exactly do we set achievable new years resolutions and more importantly how do we stick to them?

  1. Analyse your 2021

Firstly, we have to take a moment to recognise how quickly that year went. But that is not the only reflecting worth doing over the year. As a good place to start, it is very healthy to be self aware and assess your achievements and shortcoming in the past year. This will help you establish what you have done well and can work on further refining as well as what you haven’t managed to do so well and requires vast improvement. It is also healthy to analyse your emotions during this timeframe. What bought you joy? What did you not enjoy so much? These will also contribute to the new years resolutions we are going to make.

2. Consider where you want to be at the end of 2022

So before we can begin writing our goals we need to consider where it is we want our goals to take us. The best way to do this is visualise the dream version of you, and consider can you get there in 12 months with time, effort and dedication. If so, that is a good starting place to consider as your new years resolutions. For example, if you visualised yourself healthier, your goal may become to quit smoking or eat a more balanced diet. If you visualised yourself with more money, your goal may be to start a side hustle. If you visualised your self slimmer, your new years resolution may be to get back into the gym or start a weight loss programme. Your dreams are where your goals should begin, and your new years resolutions are not exempt from that.

3. Start writing down your new years resolutions

It is so important to write down your goals. This is because it increases the likelihood of you achieving them. Writing goals down increases your accountability, making your future self accountable to you current self which is what pushes us to commit to our goals once we have set them. Further to this it enables you to track your progress throughout the year, as you have a benchmark of where you started and the exactly what it is you sought out to achieve. This will help to spur you on and provide motivation as you work to achieving your new years resolutions.

4. Make your new years resolutions SMART

It is very easy to write goals but to make it an achievable new years resolution you have to consider making your goals SMART;

SMART goals are beneficial in setting you new years resolutions if you want to set goals that you can commit to and give yourself a higher likelihood of achieving. It provides the structure to your goals which can push you further. When writing your new years resolutions this year think SMART!

5. Start and keep working!

Once you have established your goals, it’s time to kickstart the steps to achieving your goals. You need to put into action. If your new years resolutions are specific enough you should know the steps you should take to get to your goals. It is as simple as just taking them. It is easy to build the goal up in your head, until it feels like a a huge task that is impossible to complete. But the important thing to remember about achieving goals is that it is the small positive steps that you make towards the goal each and everyday towards that goal that help you reach the bigger picture. So start building the small habits into your routine. Reward any progress taken towards that goal, to build morale and momentum. Let’s go get it!

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